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International Network

German Historical Institute Washington and its Pacific Regional Office in Berkeley

The German Historical Institute in Washington, D.C. (GHI), funded in 1987, promotes transatlantic cooperation in historical studies and related disciplines, organizes academic conferences and lecture events, publishes monographs and collected volumes and awards thesis and postgraduate scholarships. With the Pacific Regional Office (PRO) in Berkeley they seek to enable an intensified dialogue between German historians and their colleagues on the North American west coast. Since 2019, the IRTG has cooperated with the German Historical Institute in Washington D.C. and its branch in Berkeley, the Pacific Regional Office. The IRTG contributes to the opening of the GHI towards Latin America and especially towards Mexico while at the same profiting from the GHI's broad network and resources.

Institute of Latin American Studies, Columbia University

The Institute of Latin American Studies (ILAS) is the center for research, teaching and discussion on Latin America at Columbia University. Its main goal is to bring together and provide resources for faculty, students and visiting scholars, recognizing the diversity of their interests and approaches while strengthening their links with Latin America and with communities of Latin American origin in the United States. The IRTG continues the cooperation with ILAS established with the LAI of Freie Universität Berlin, fostering the exchange between the PhD candidates of both institutions.

Latin American Centre, University of Oxford

The Latin American Centre (LAC) at University of Oxford acts as a hub for the study of Latin America across a range of disciplines in Oxford. It welcomes visiting academics and visiting doctoral students, from within and outside the United Kingdom and serves as a venue for debating ongoing research and relevant current affairs on the Latin American region. LAC cooperates with the IRTG through an exchange programme on a doctoral level with the LAI of Freie Universität Berlin, which started some years ago and includes online seminars, on-site meetings and events.

Observatory on Latin America, The New School

The Observatory on Latin America (OLA), established in 2006 as part of The New School in New York City, seeks to improve academic and public understanding of Latin America by observing and studying the processes of political and economic change. It fosters a public dialogue between and within the United States and Latin America about the challenges of building social democracy in a globalized world. The IRTG and OLA have recently initiated their cooperation with a first online meeting and are now planning further activities to bring together OLA’s scholars with the PhD candidates of the IRTG.

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