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Juan Alberto Salazar Rebolledo's Article "La Habana del escritor: Jaime García Terrés y la representación del compromiso intelectual en torno a la Revolución cubana en 1959" has been published in No 52 of the journal Cuban Studies



News from Nov 03, 2023

The triumph of the Cuban Revolution in 1959 attracted many intellectuals from different countries. Latin American intellectuals received at the time a special focus, which lasted through the 1960s and 1970s. Among them, one of the first to visit Cuba and express his opinions about the revolutionary process was the Mexican Jaime García Terrés, director of the magazine Revista de la Universidad de México. In its March 1959 edition, García Terrés published his "Diario de un escritor en La Habana." In this diary of his visit to the revolutionary island, it is possible to observe the construction of a specific kind of intellectual compromise. Afterward, the magazine took on a political line. In this, they projected an intellectual identity to position the magazine in discourses and insert itself into Latin American intellectual life, catalyzed by the Cuban Revolution.

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