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Women in Movement / the Patriarchy of Land. On agrarian movements and their internal struggles

14.09.2019 | 16:15 - 17:00

Soil is an Inscribed Body. On Sovereignty and Agropoetics  is a project examining both the anti-colonial struggles of the past and the current land conflicts across the world to resist the invasiveness of neo-agro-colonialism and its extractivist logic. It germinates through a series of readings, interventions and workshops, and materialises in an exhibition (30.08.–06.10.2019) and a performance/discursive programme at  SAVVY Contemporary (13/09/–15/09/2019). The project seeks dispersed and yet networked moments of cross-pollination between artistic strategies and agroecological initiatives from molecular to geopolitical scales. Professor Motta will also take part in this event on saturday 14/09/2019, contributing to a conversation with Paula Gioia, Alex Ungprateeb Flynn, and Barbara Marcel on the topic "Women in Movement / the Patriarchy of Land. On agrarian movements and their internal struggles"


  • Civil Society, Social Movements, Women and Faminism, Agrarian Movements