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Neu erschienen: Stefan Rinke/ Michael Wildt (Ed.): Revolutions and Counter-Revolutions. 1917 and its Aftermath from a Global Perspective (Campus, 2017)

cover wildt rinke

cover wildt rinke

News vom 02.05.2017

1917 was an important year in world history and not just because of the United States’ entry into the First World War and the Russian Revolution. It is rightly considered the turning point of the war and the foundational moment for determining structures of the short 20th century.Contemporaries realized these global connections yet in a historiography limited to the nation-state they did not gain due consideration.

This book unites research discussing the transnational dimension of the numerous upheavals, rebellions and violent reactions on a global level. Experts from different continents contribute findings that go beyond the wellknown European and transatlantic narratives making for a global history of this crucial period in history.