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"Forensic Landscapes" directed by Anne Huffschmid wins award for best web documentary

News vom 28.04.2020

The web documentary "Forensic Landscapes" directed by Anne Huffschmid, produced in the framework of the research project "Black Holes and Forensic Imagination" (funded by Volkswagen Foundation) at the Institute for Latin American Studies of the Freie Universität Berlin, has won the award for best web documentary at the FINNOF Festival of New Nonfiction Narratives; the award ceremony took place on April 24, 2020, in Rosario, Argentina. The innovative web documentary (online at: http://www.forensiclandscapes.com) invites visitors to explore the territories shaped by the enforced disappearances and what the author conceives of as 'forensic resistance' in Latin America. Consisting of a series of animated landscapes and over 20 short video essays, portraits of activists, and other resources, it brings together in one narrative space three different spaces and temporalities: Argentina’s post-dictatorship period, Guatemala’s post-war period, and a special focus on Mexico’s current crisis of violence. This hybrid, interactive narrative is the final destination of an audiovisual research journey that Anne Huffschmid started in 2013. It was produced in collaboration with documentary filmmaker Jan-Holger Hennies (filming, editing, post-production coordination) and the transmedia artist and researcher Pablo Martínez Zarate (Universidad Iberoamericana, CDMX), together with his team: José-Luis Rangel (design), Santiago Moyao (illustration), and Gerardo Vidal (programming).

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