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A Conversation with Maxwell A. Cameron: The Survival of Defective Democracies in the Andes

The Survival of Defective Democracies in the Andes

Flyer: A Conversation with Maxwell A. Cameron

In this conversation, Maxwell A. Cameron (UBC, Vancouver), traces the persistence of defective democracy in South America—despite transitions, left turns, constructing new citizenships—and the relevance for our understanding of democracy in general.

News vom 19.04.2021

As part of LV "Development and Political Institutions in Latin America-with a Focus on South America", various distinguished scholars offered their time to discuss their respective research on Latin American political institutions. In total, there will be four “conversations” with Profs. Bert Hoffmann (FU), Pablo Policzer (University of Calgary), Laurence Whitehead (Nuffield College, University of Oxford), and Maxwell A. Cameron (UBC). The themes were methodology, normative implications (above all for democratic theory and comparative democratization), as well as empirical.

In this conversation, Maxwell A. Cameron, explores a number of his works in comparative politics, ranging back to the transitions literature, through his contributions on Latin America's Left Turns, to his most recent analyses of defective democracies, competitive authoritarian regimes, and oligarchic rule in Latin America. His narrative details, amongst other things, why Guillermo O'Donnell has played such a critical role in understanding political change in the region.

The video can be found here.

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