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Presentation: Blas Radi and Moira Pérez of University of Buenos Aires: Perplexities of trans* rights in Argentine social movements.

28.06.2018 | 18:00 - 20:00
Vortrag Radi / Pérez

Vortrag Radi / Pérez

We are glad to welcome Prof. Dr. Blas Radi and Prof. Dr. Moira Pérez of University of Buenos Aires with their presentation about: Perplexities of trans* rights in Argentine social movements. Practical considerations at crossroads of epistemology, philosophy of history and ethics.

In 2012, Argentina established the human right to gender identity through a law that was considered the most progressive in the world. The letter of this law reflects the meticulous and committed work of activism and has been an example for other legislative processes in the world. In Argentina, however, there are social movements that are still willing to ignore it. Paradoxically, those who do use it as a source of political confrontation, produce social, political and institutional effects that are not always propitious for trans* people, at least not for all. This presentation considers the implications that this right has on other ones, in particular the right to asylum and to sexual and (non) reproductive health; and the way in which it relates to realms such as State administration and social movements.

Blas Radi is an activist and professor of philosophy at University of Buenos Aires. He teaches Gnoseology and Feminist Philosophy, and is a research assistant in the course Introduction to Philosophy. He is a member of the Gender Watch in the Judiciary of the City of Buenos Aires, where he coordinates the Office of Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation.
Within the area of practical philosophy, his research uses the conceptual tools of critical epistemologies and develops within the framework of trans studies. He has offered courses for educators, lawyers, MDs and other professionals, and has written and presented both in Argentina and abroad on cissexism, cis privilege, and epistemic violence. Blas presented and promoted the project for the respect of gender identity at the School of Philosophy and Literature, UBA (680/2010), he was part of the Frente Nacional por la Ley de Identidad de Género (2012), and presented various projects against age requirements in academia.

Moira Pérez, PhD and BA in Philosophy from University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is a professor of Philosophy at graduate and postgraduate levels at University of Buenos Aires and other Argentine universities, in the fields of Practical Philosophy, Gender Studies and Queer Theory. Moira was a Fulbright Visiting Fellow (2016-2017) at New York University (USA), postdoctoral scholar at the National Council for Scientific and Technological Research (CONICET, 2016-2018), and Visiting Professor at University of The Republic, Uruguay (2017). Her research is focused on issues such as identity construction, violence and institutions. Her publications can be found in: www.aacademica.org/moira.perez

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28.06.2018 | 18:00 - 20:00

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