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New book: "Cultura, Política, Sexualidade e Gênero na América Latina"

News from Apr 15, 2023

Cultura, Política, Sexualidade e Gênero na América Latina.

Editors: Vinícius Zanoli, Rhanielly Pereira (Federal University of Santa Catarina) and Eliane Freitas (Federal University of Catalão). 

The bilingual book (Portuguese and Spanish) has contributions from researchers and activists from Latin America with chapters on different countries in the region. It includes a chapter that Vinícius Zanoli has written about local LGBTI activism in Campinas (Brazil) and a chapter authored by Rubens Mascarenhas Neto (PhD Candidate in Cultural and Social Anthropology, LAI/FU-Berlin) about drag families and networks of affection in Campinas (Brazil).

Access to the book is free of charge. Click here.

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