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Research in the Area of Social and Cultural Anthropology

Research in the Area of Ancient American Studies/Cultural and Social Anthropology is characterized by diverse focuses. They all contribute to the interdisciplinary research profile "Latin America: Interconnections, Asymmetries, Im/Mobilities" of the Institute for Latin American Studies.

The fields of research are reflected in the research projects as well as in the doctoral and postdoctoral projects that are supervised by the faculty of the Area of Cultural and Social Anthropolgy.

We regularly welcome fellows and visiting scholars whose own research interests broaden the diversity of the research profile of Ancient American Studies and Cultural and Social Anthropology. Finally, the research focuses find expression in extracurricular events, such as conferences, lectures or film series, which are organized by the faculty.

Anthropology of Migration

Image Credit: Pia Berghoff

Gender Studies

Image Credit: Pia Berghoff

De- and Postcolonial Perspectives

Image Credit: Ingrid Kummels

Political Anthropology

Image Credit: Pia Berghoff

Indigenous Linguistics

Image Credit: CeDis/Harald Thomaß

Heritage Studies

Image Credit: Ingrid Kummels

Anthropology of Sports

Image Credit: Julia Haß

Urban Anthropology

Image Credit: Karlotta Bahnsen

Digital and Media Anthropology

Image Credit: Ingrid Kummels