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Research Colloquium Cultural and Social Anthropology

The disciplinary research colloquium Cultural and Social Anthropology takes place every semester under the direction of Prof. Dr. Stephanie Schütze. It is aimed at all doctoral, postdoctoral, and master's students who are writing their research papers in the field of Ancient American Studies/Cultural and Social Anthropology.

On the one hand, the colloquium is an opportunity for master's students to complete the colloquium course required for the master's thesis module within a disciplinary framework. On the other hand, it is an essential part of doctoral students' training in the area.

Usually, weekly or on several block dates, participants present exposés and research designs, work statuses or individual chapters and discuss them in the group. For the participants there is an accompanying course on the digital learning platform Blackboard.

The current dates of the colloquium can be found in the course catalog of the Institute for Latin American Studies.