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Temporalities of Future

This area of study aims at a new perspective on the construction of future in social and cultural studies. In close collaboration with colleagues from different disciplines we want to contribute to the growing research field of temporalities of future by orienting the research towards the better understanding of global interrelationships and the interpretation of cultural heterogeneity, in which Latin America serves as an example for both aspects. Focusing on the ambitions and expectations of different actors, who in constant interaction produce new temporalities of future, offers a new approach and adds an urgently needed perspective of subordinate and non-Western action with regard to the future.

Externally Funded Research Projects

Currect Doctoral Projects

  • Past Remains as Projections of the Future: Transnational Reflections on the Latin-American Heritage in 1910 (Lorena López Jáuregui)
  • Temporalities from the Near East: Visions of Future Progress from the Arab Diaspora in Latin America (José Francisco Hernández Reyes)
  • Relojes para el Nuevo Mundo: Historia del tiempo universal. De Lima a Greenwich (1583-1884) (Ricardo Uribe)