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Carlos Manuel Olano

Carlos Olano

International Research Training Group "Between Spaces"

Movements, Actors and Representations of Globalisation

PhD Candidate

Project: "Movement, gathering and connections. Hispanic World´s Enlightenment in the Eighteenth Century"


Desde 04/2017

Estudiante Doctoral (Historia) FU Berlin-International Research Training Group “Between Spaces"

07/2015 - 03/2017

Candidato a Maestro World Heritage Studies MA Universidad Técnica de Brandemburgo (BTU Cottbus)

07/2010 - 07/2012

Master en Historia Universidad de los Andes (Bogotá, Colombia) Tesis Supervisada por Prof. Dr. Renán Silva. Formas de Comunicación, libros e intelectuales en el Nuevo Reino de Granada (Colombia) Siglo XVIII. (Historia Cultural-Intelectual)


Bachelor en Historia Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (Bogotá, Colombia) Tesis supervisada por Dr. Jaime Borja. Conformación de sujetos en el Barroco de Indias. Siglo XVIII. (Historia Cultural- Historia del Arte)


"Movement, gathering and connections. Hispanic World´s Enlightenment in the Eighteenth Century"


Supervisor: Prof. Stefan Rinke (Freie Universität Berlin)

This project examines from a global perspective the construction of contacts and networks within which characteristic ideas of Enlightenment circulated in certain 19th century Spanish Crown cities. Taking an equilibrium between reformatory European forces and local forms into account, spreads of discussion- and reading groups will be analysed, thereby considering travelers and specific personalities who adopted new images and attitudes of reality through lecture, perception and writing. Besides reproducing mechanisms of communication such as itineraries, correspondences and newspapers, this investigation determines levels of connection not only between groups pursuing similar intellectual objectives but also between those in different geographic locations.



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