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Javier Francisco Vallejo

Javier Francisco Vallejo
Image Credit: © Javier Francisco Vallejo

International Research Training Group "Between Spaces"

Movements, Actors and Representations of Globalisation

Postdoctoral Fellow

Project: "Atlantic Geopolitics: The Mechanisms of Intra- and Inter-Imperial Negotiations During Conflict Situations"

Boltzmannstr. 4
14195 Berlin

Current occupation (since 02/2017)

postdoctoral researcher at the graduate school ‘Between Spaces’

08/2016 – 12/2016

qualifying postdoctoral researcher at the FU Berlin

2013 – mid-2016

PhD in history at the DFG graduate school ‘Between Spaces’ (Freie Universität Berlin) (magna cum laude)

Spring semester 2014

Visiting Scholar at Columbia University (NYC)


Fellowship at Gesellschaft für Überseegeschichte (society for history of overseas territories)


trainee teacher at Hölderlin-Gymnasium Nürtingen


Staatsexamen in history, English and Spanish at Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen (Ø1,7 = A-grade)


Abitur (Ø 1,6 = A-grade)


2017 (upcoming summer semester)

co-organizing and co-teaching at the summer school of the Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes

2017 (upcoming summer semester)

course for PhD students, “Cutting the Gordian Knot – Final Analytical and Methodological Support” (individual and small group mentoring)


master course, “Creating Scientific Edutainment Videos on the World of Islam”, in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Jens Scheiner


gymnasiale Oberstufe: “Cultural Transfer in Ancient History”


gymnasiale Oberstufe: “Comparative Approach of European History, 18th-20th centuries”


gymnasiale Oberstufe: “Social Transformations in the Age of ‘Industrial Revolutions’”


gymnasiale Oberstufe: “Processing and Evaluating European Imperialism”

Training courses

2009, 2011

course in pedagogy and didactics on:


social inclusion in classrooms


gender and its conscious and unconscious impact in teaching


heterogeneity and internal differentiation

"Atlantic Geopolitics: The Mechanisms of Intra- and Inter-Imperial Negotiations During Conflict Situations"

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Stefan Rinke (FU Berlin)

Current research project:

The purpose is to investigate how actors within and across governmental and administrative structures and imperial frameworks managed to influence negotiation processes during conflict situations by using imperial aspects and advocating cooperation and de-escalation, on the one hand, or conflict and escalation, on the other hand. Hence, the investigation is about revealing connections, influences and interdependencies of those actors and how these processes led to a reconfiguration of spaces of negotiation. Thus, my research aims at taking up ongoing fruitful investigations and proven methodologies of global and imperial history, history of diplomacy and further interdisciplinary fields such as international relations, peace and conflict studies and political sociology. Among these methodologies are the social network analysis and the concept of entanglements as well as new and unconventional approaches and frameworks.

Areas of research and interest:

Early Modern Period, imperial history, social history of education, Atlantic entanglements

PhD thesis: The Spanish-American Jesuit University as a Social Hub in the 17th and 18th centuries; magna cum laude

Master’s thesis: Political Decision-Making Patterns During the Anglo-Spanish Rivalry of the Elizabethan Age; A-grade

Research Trips


archival research in Seville (Archivo de Indias)


archival research in Rome/ Vatican City (Archivum Romanum Societatis Iesu)

Spring semester 2014

visiting scholar at Columbia University (NYC)


research stay at the Colegio de México (Mexico-City)

09/2013 – 11/2013

archival research in Córdoba (Arg.) and Buenos Aires (various archives)

Fall semester 2007

term abroad at University of Queensland (Australia)


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