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Doctoral Studies

Lecture Series with Viola König

Lecture Series with Viola König
Image Credit: © Entre Espacios

The International Research Training Group (IRTG) enables qualified researchers to write their doctoral dissertations in a challenging research environment. Our PhD students will be advised by at least one supervisor in both involved countries, Mexico and Germany (in tandem). With this, they will benefit from the diversity of regional knowledge networks. The programme foresees longer periods of research and study at the partner institutions in both countries. In this way, it offers young researchers an international and intercultural teaching and research framework.

The study programme of the IRTG is tailored to the specific needs of the PhD students. In addition to research-oriented seminars and close individual supervision, it offers a wide range of events, such as lecture series, research method workshops and guest lectures.

The IRTG offers grants in Berlin/Potsdam to two post-doctoral researchers, 15 doctoral students and three PhD candidates. In Mexico, doctoral students of the participating institutions are able to apply for special grants to take part in the programme. The following disciplines are part of the IRTG programme: history, political science, sociology, economics, social and cultural anthropology, literature and cultural studies.


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