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I am a doctoral student / post-doc / research associate at a foreign university and I would like to stay at the Latin American Institute of the Freie Universität Berlin. How should I proceed and which preconditions should I fulfill?

Primarily, the Internationalization Department of your home university is responsible for support and planning of its members’ mobilities. Upon a request, you should be consulted on if your university (or your department) is currently maintaining a partnership agreement with the Freie Universität Berlin/ the Institute for Latin American Studies or not. Furthermore, you will be informed on the specifics of your agreement; for instance, some mobilities can be realized upon invitation of a lecturer of the guest university, within the framework of the Erasmus+ program, etc.

Given a valid partnership agreement between your university and the Freie Universität Berlin, the most convenient option to come to the LAI is to apply for an Erasmus+ Teaching mobility. In this case, you should hand in following documents with your application:

1. Invitation of a lecturer at the guest university;
2. “Mobility Agreement. Staff Mobility for Teaching” (Please note all required signatures);
3. a CV (with photo).

Our internationalization team will gladly assist you with issuing necessary forms and documents and help you during the application process. For that matter, please contact us, PD Dr. Martha Zapata Galindo, Mariana Pérez García and Maxim Karagodin at international@lai.fu-berlin.de.

Also note that there are additional alternatives to come to the LAI, for example via international graduate colleges and joint projects, such as Entre Espacios, desigualdades.net, MISEAL, trAndeS, etc.