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I am a doctoral student / post-doc / research associate at a foreign university and I would like to stay at the Latin American Institute of the Freie Universität Berlin. How should I proceed and which preconditions should I fulfill?

Primarily, the Internationalization Department of your home university is responsible for support and planning of its members’ mobilities. Upon a request, you should be consulted on if your university (or your department) is currently maintaining a partnership agreement with the Freie Universität Berlin/ the Institute for Latin American Studies or not. Furthermore, you will be informed on the specifics of your agreement; for instance, some mobilities can be realized upon invitation of a lecturer of the guest university, within the framework of the Erasmus+ program, etc.

Given a valid partnership agreement between your university and the Freie Universität Berlin, the most convenient option to come to the LAI is to apply for an Erasmus+ Teaching mobility. In this case, you should hand in following documents with your application:

1. Invitation of a lecturer at the guest university;
2. “Mobility Agreement. Staff Mobility for Teaching” (Please note all required signatures);
3. a CV (with photo).

Our internationalization team will gladly assist you with issuing necessary forms and documents and help you during the application process. For that matter, please contact us at international@lai.fu-berlin.de.

Also note that there are additional alternatives to come to the LAI, for example via international graduate colleges and joint projects, such as Temporalities of Future, Mecila, trAndeS, etc.