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As the largest institute for Latin American Studies in German-speaking countries, the Institute for Latin American Studies (LAI) offers students and scholars an outstanding international and interdisciplinary research environment. The Institute’s staff participates in numerous national and international research organizations and projects, working together with renowned German-language academics and research institutions in Latin American Studies. Since its foundation, LAI has been internationally focused on research and teaching and, within the framework of Latin American Studies, maintains a continuous exchange with selected academics, universities and other research institutions through numerous regional and international contacts and collaborations.

In recent years, structured internationalization in research, teaching and also in training of young academics has been expanded. This is evidenced by the large number of visiting scholars, international doctoral candidates and students who conduct their research at the Institute for Latin American Studies for several weeks, months or years.

Furthermore, the Institute for Latin American Studies cooperates with more than 50 European, Latin American and North American universities in teaching and research. In order to promote international mobility of students beyond the opportunity to study abroad the Institute also organizes and supports regular student trips to Latin America.

  • Further information for doctoral candidates at Freie Universität and the LAI can be found here.
  • Further information for doctoral candidates from foreign universities can be found here.
  • Further information for postdoctoral fellows and scientists can be found here.

Important: The “international” form must be filled out and sent in electronically to international@lai.fu-berlin.de by doctoral candidates and postdocs of the Institute for Latin American Studies (LAI outgoings) and by foreign docs and postdocs (incomers) before departure.

For incomers and outgoings

The Erasmus+ program of the European Commission provides the lecturers of Freie Universität Berlin with an opportunity to teach at one of the partner universities in another European country for a short period of time. This allows the teaching staff to gain teaching experience in another environment and to learn about new teaching methods. Doctoral candidates who write their thesis within the doctorate program of the Dahlem Research School and are thus enrolled at Freie Universität Berlin can apply for funding.

Further information on Erasmus+ teaching assignments abroad can be found here.