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FUB doctoral candidates

ERASMUS+ weltweit/Latin America (for LAI and FU doctoral candidates)

Selection of ALL doctoral candidates from Freie Universität Berlin who wish to go to Latin America will be realized by the Latin American Institute!

All students who are fully and properly enrolled at Freie Universität Berlin and are studying a subject that will be completed in a recognized academic degree (including PhD) can commence a Erasmus+ study program abroad from the second year on of their university studies.

For the worldwide Erasmus+ weltweit program for doctoral candidates at a partner institution in Latin America, there are 5 available vacancies in a total of 5 countries (Argentina, Chile, Columbia, Ecuador and Mexico):


  • Universidad de Buenos Aires
  • Universidad Nacional de Córdoba



  • Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile



  • Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
  • Universidad de los Andes 
  • Universidad Nacional de Colombia



  • Universidad de Cuenca
  • FLACSO Ecuador



  • El Colegio de México
  • Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México


The funding period of a Erasmus+ supported stay normally amounts to six months. In exceptional cases, agreements can be made on varying timeframes, provided that time period is at least three months and max. twelve months long.

For that purpose, please hand in following documents:

  • Copy of admission to doctorate program
  • Filled-out application form
  • Curriculum vitae in tabular form; CV should be written in Spanish language (or in Portuguese language for applicants for Brazil) and should also include a passport photo
  • Research project/research proposal (approx. two pages, in Spanish or Portuguese)
  • Supervision confirmation of a professor at the host university
  • Copies of diplomas (BA, MA); including transcripts of records
  • Letter of recommendation written by the doctoral advisor (Download: Hints for assessors in English; Hinweise für Gutachter_innen in German)

Send to:

Contact person at the LAI (ERASMUS+ weltweit)

PD Dr. Martha Zapata Galindo
Tel.: 49 (0)30 838-55109
E-Mail: international@lai.fu-berlin.de

Further information on staying abroad with ERASMUS+