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Image credit: Alejandro Alvarado_Mexiko_2013

Image credit: Alejandro Alvarado_Mexiko_2013

The Institute for Latin American Studies is especially concerned with fostering scholarly exchange with international academics in research and teaching. Over the past several years, the Institute has intensified its numerous international exchanges and agreements in research and teaching in accordance with the Freie Universität Berlin’s standing as an International Network University.

More information on current mobility programs for researchers at the LAI can be found here.

More information on current mobility programs for foreign researchers who are interested in the Institute for Latina American Studies can be found here.

Further information on (guest) researcher mobility can be found here.

Form for incomers and outgoings

Important: The “international” form must be filled out and sent in electronically to international@lai.fu-berlin.de by scholars of the Institute for Latin American Studies (LAI outgoings) and by foreign scholars (incomers) before departure.

For incomers and outgoings:

  • “International” form for scholars from foreign universities and for scholars from the LAI: [EN]