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"Medidas para la Inclusión social y equidad en Instituciones de Educación Superior en América Latina (MISEAL)" was part of the Alfa III programme, a European Union initiative to promote cooperation between higher education institutions in Latin America and Europe. Numerous European and Latin American universities, including UNAM, cooperated within the framework of this project.

The project aimed to develop measures to promote and implement processes of social inclusion and equity in Latin American universities.

The aim of the project was to improve the mechanisms for access to higher education and the conditions for retention and mobility of people belonging to disadvantaged and marginalised groups in Latin American society.

Within the framework of the collaborative project, various sub-projects such as the transnational group "Estudios en Inclusión, Interseccionalidad y Equidad (ESIINE)" and the "Observatorio Transnacional de Inclusión social y Equidad en la Educación Superior (OIE)" were established.