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30-credit module “Latin American Studies”

BA-30-LP-Modulangebot Lateinamerikastudien (2022)

BA-30-LP-Modulangebot Lateinamerikastudien (2022)
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This module provides students with the opportunity to expand their subject knowledge by focusing on the Latin-American region as part of a combined bachelor’s degree program. The module reflects an interdisciplinary concept that includes the disciplines of History, Political Science, Sociology and Economics.

It is recommended in particular for students of Social and Cultural Anthropology and Spanish Language and Literature with Latin American Studies. Further options of combination are listed in this table.

Details on the course content, the qualification objectives of the 30-credit module in Latin American Studies, the structure of the degree program and the required exams can be found in the course and examination regulations. The Master`s program in Interdisciplinary Latin American Studies builds on the subject matter offered in the bachelor module.

Guidelines for first years of the winter semester 2020/21 (German) Poster of the offered module in Latin American Studies (in German)

The module's contents

Against the backdrop of increasing global interdependencies, the module provides students with an introduction to Latin America that familiarizes them with fundamental academic research on Latin American history, politics, society, culture and economics. The module’s thematic focus lies on the historical, political, economic and social transformation processes and cultural dynamics, while taking account of Latin America’s integration into the global context. 

At a glance: The Latin American Studies module offers

  • Instruction in a broad range of regionally specific scholarship
  • Development of intercultural competencies
  • Understanding of transregional and global processes

Detailed descriptions of the study's contents and structure and the professional qualifications obtained in the course of the module, as well as information on the obligatory exams and documents relevant to the program can be found here.