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Degree Programs at the Institute for Latin American Studies

New degree programs have been developed at the Institute for Latin American Studies in response to the Bologna Process. They are based on LAI’s interdisciplinary teaching and research and area studies and help to equip students with strong regional expertise. All disciplines at the Institute are involved in the research-oriented Master’s degree in Interdisciplinary Latin American Studies.

The Institute also offers an interdisciplinary 30-credit module in Latin American Studies.

In addition, LAI participates in the BA degree program “Spanish Philology and Hispano-American Literature” and the 60-credit module “Portuguese-Brazilian Studies” at the Department of Philosophy and the Humanities and in the BA degree program “Social and Cultural Anthropologyat the Department of Political and Social Sciences. Instruction at LAI also allows for concentration on Latin America in the Bachelor and Master programs in History, Political Science, Sociology and Economics.