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Current issues in Latin American studies (10 LP)

Qualification aims

Students acquire disciplinary, linguistic, theoretical, methodological, gender-specific, regional, and/or transregional competencies beyond those acquired in the core and personal profile area.


In this module, students focus on academic writing skills, academic expression in foreign languages (including German as a foreign language), learning about other world regions and global contexts, as well as knowledge transfer and practical activities related to, for example, exhibition and museum projects, literary and cultural performances, gender and diversity, etc. They also learn about other areas and possible occupations as future interdisciplinary regional studies.


Teaching and learning methods: Wahlveranstaltung A (WV A) + Wahlveranstaltung B (WV B)

Module exam: Term paper (approx. 15 pages) or oral exam (approx. 20 minutes); this module is not evaluated differentially

Offer: every semester or every study year, depending on offer

If you would like to take two external courses in this module (i.e. outside the LAI, e.g. at the Language Center, at other departments, at other Berlin universities), please ask for advice in advance to what extent recognition is possible.