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Creative writing/Writing workshop (10 LP)

Qualification aims

Students will be able to recognize selected literary, poetic, or essayistic text forms and writing styles in German and/or Spanish and/or Portuguese and apply these complementary, creative, and form-conscious writing strategies to their academic studies (e.g., in reviews, journalistic articles, essays, etc.). They understand the basics and techniques of creative writing and can reflect on processes of creative text production. They can independently write a literary, poetic, essayistic, or journalistic text and implement gender- and diversity-specific implications of writing in a meaningful and inclusive way and can justify the use of these writing strategies.


Students acquire skills in understanding and analyzing literary, essayistic, and poetic writing strategies and apply them in their own writing exercises in class. Students learn to discuss, correct, and develop their own text production (usually a longer literary, essay, or journalistic text) in German and/or Spanish and/or Portuguese as part of a team. They also learn to comment critically and constructively on the texts of their fellow students. They become familiar with the rules of good practice in creative writing and develop a sharpened sensitivity for gender- and diversity-relevant issues and their productive implementation in their own writing.


Teaching and learning methods: Übung A (Ü A) + Übung B (Ü B)

Module exam: Written paper (approx. 15 Seiten); this exam module is not evaluated differentially

Offer: every study year