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Current crises in Latin America (10 LP)

Entry requirements

successful completion of the module Development theories and concepts (offered in winter semester)

Qualification aims

Students learn to grasp the complexity of current crises in Latin America theoretically and empirically, from both a global and particularly a Latin American perspective. They acquire a comprehensive, detailed, and specialized grasp of the political, social, economic, and socio-ecological transformation processes of Latin American countries in local, global, and historical contexts. Students learn to analyze, discuss and critically reflect on the scope of these transformation processes as well as multiple and sometimes interrelated crises (from security to humanitarian crises) using the theoretical approaches they have learned. They gain an understanding of the organizations and processes in international crisis management as well as of local responses, concepts, and strategies, and they can methodically and systematically analyze, determine, and critically classify underlying theoretical-conceptual ideas. 


This module focuses on analyzing current crises and associated conflicts over their management in Latin America, particularly with regards to their historical development and their integration into unequal global power structures. Students learn to critically examine how developmental approaches in Latin American countries are implemented locally, and the social, political, and environmental consequences they have. In particular, students discuss approaches to political and other asymmetries, democracy-theoretical foundations, and issues of statehood and processes of violence. Students learn to analyze local, national, and international organizations and crisis management procedures. They study the role of social movements and public spheres in the context of democratization processes, focusing especially on gender relations and cultural differences.


Teaching and learning methods: Vorlesung (V) + Hauptseminar (HS)

Module exam: Term paper (approx. 15 pages)

Offer: every summer semester