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General Information [Excerpt from the study and examination regulations 2023]

Ablauf der Abschlussphase gemäß SPO 2023

Ablauf der Abschlussphase gemäß SPO 2023

[Excerpt from the study and examination regulations 2023]

In the master's thesis, students should demonstrate that they are able to independently work on a problem from the chosen profile area at an advanced scientific level and to appropriately present, scientifically classify and document the results in writing.

Students will be admitted to the master's thesis upon application if they can prove at the time of application that they.
1. were last enrolled in the Master's program at Freie Universität Berlin, and
2. have already completed modules totaling at least 60 LP in the master's program.

The application for admission to the master's thesis must be accompanied by proof that the above-mentioned requirements have been met, as well as by a certificate from a supervisor authorized to conduct examinations stating that the student is willing to supervise the master's thesis. The responsible examination board decides on the application.

The examination board issues the topic of the master's thesis in consultation with the supervisor (approval). The object of the supervision is to provide guidance on how to comply with the rules of good scientific practice, taking into account the specifics of the student's own field. The topic and task must be such that the work can be completed within the processing period.

The master's thesis (SPO 2023) should be 18,000 to 22,000 words. The length corresponds to approx. 60 to 70 pages excluding the title page, bibliography and possible further indexes as well as footnotes. The processing period for the Master's thesis is 22 weeks.

It can be written in German, English, Spanish or Portuguese according to the application. The start of the processing period is considered to be the date of issue of the topic.

When handing in the thesis, students have to affirm in writing that they have written the master thesis independently and that they have not used any sources and aids other than those indicated (affidavit). The master's thesis must be submitted exclusively in electronic form in PDF.

The master's thesis is to be evaluated within six weeks by two authorized examiners appointed by the examination board with a written statement of reasons. The supervisor of the master's thesis should be one of the authorized examiners. At least one of the two evaluations should be by a person from the group of university teachers or a person with a completed habilitation. The master's thesis is passed if the grade for the master's thesis is at least "sufficient" (4.0).