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Academic practice (10 LP)

Scheme of the 3rd semester of the Master's program in Interdisciplinary Latin American Studies (SPO 2023)

Scheme of the 3rd semester of the Master's program in Interdisciplinary Latin American Studies (SPO 2023)

Qualification aims

Students learn to develop and complete a concrete project of their choice, reflect on the project theoretically and methodically, and maintain high academic and ethical standards. They can critically assess their knowledge and continually acquire further skills in order to implement the project. By exchanging with instructors and fellow students, they learn to lead a project responsibly, present results, support each other in their professional development, and lead discussions beyond their own project. In connection with their chosen research-oriented activity, students gain new knowledge and collectively reflect on its relevance, applicability/feasibility, and impact within the framework of the module. Building on the basic competencies acquired from the beginning of the program for the conception, writing, and discussion of initial project outlines, students now have extensive knowledge and experience for the preparation of an exposé, among other things, for their own work, or for projects in different fields.


The aim of this module is to understand the criteria for good, independent academic work in the development of a project, with the support of teachers who provide regular feedback. Preparation, implementation, and follow-up take place via an e-learning platform, ensuring ongoing communication during the work process. Outlines, project exposés, and work protocols are developed and discussed regularly; project objectives are defined; and feedback is given for interim and final results. The project is divided into units, and an intensive exchange takes place within working groups, which are divided according to the various study profiles of the humanities and cultural studies, the social sciences, and gender relations. 


Teaching and learning methods: Projektseminar (PrS)

Module exam: Written paper (approx. 10 pages) with presentation (approx. 10 minutes); this module exam is not graded differentially

Offer: every winter semester