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Entry requirements

The entry requirements for the M.A. Interdisciplinary Latin American Studies are:

1) A degree in a relevant discipline from a German university or an overseas qualification of an equivalent standard, with at least 60 credit points (LP/ ECTS) completed in one of the following subjects:

  • Pre-Colombian Studies,
  • Brazilian Studies,
  • History,
  • Caribbean Studies,
  • Latin American Studies,
  • Political Science,
  • Social and Cultural Anthropology,
  • Sociology,
  • Politcal Economy/Economics,
  • Literary Studies or
  • Cultural Studies.

2) Furthermore, knowledge of Spanish or Portuguese at the B2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) must be demonstrated. Evidence of adequate language abilities must be provided in the form of a language certificate, which is awarded after successfully passing a language test. The certificate must explicitly state that the acquired language abilities correspond to the B2 level. Declarations on oath or proof of a sojourn in a Spanish or Portuguese-speaking country will not be considered.

Affidavits or evidence of a stay in the Spanish or Portuguese language country will not be considered.

Proof of adequate language abilities in Portuguese or Spanish must also be provided for applicants who grew up bilingually or who are native speakers, if they apply with a German university degree or a German university entrance qualification. The corresponding university entrance qualification or proof of a degree in Spanish or Portuguese is valid as proof of language skills at level B2.

3) Applicants who have obtained their degree at a foreign university or equivalent institution must provide evidence of German language skills at level B2 of the GER.

4) A list of extracurricular qualifications that are relevant to the program and which give information about the particular aptitude for the M.A. Interdisciplinary Latin American Studies. This can be in the form of a resume or a tabular list. Applicants are invited to include relevant certificates and otherwise written confirmation.

Here you can find the statute regarding the allocation of places (german version).