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Irina Costa Ferreira Range

Image Credit: Santiago Engelhardt

Institute for Latin American Studies

BMBF Food for Justice / International Research Training Group "Temporalities of Future"

Dynamics of Anticipation and Aspiration


Rüdesheimer Str. 54-56
Room 233
14197 Berlin

Office hours

Tuesdays and wednesdays 10:00 — 12:00 


09/2001 – 07/2006

Bachelor, Languages and Business Relations at the Universidade de Aveiro (Portugal)


Work Experience

Since 08/2020

Secretary of Foreign Languages at the Institute for Latin American Studies of the Freie Universität Berlin

02/2011 – 07/2020

Secretary of Foreign Languages and Administrative Officer at the Technische Universität Berlin – Master Program in Global Production Engineering

Consejo Nacional de Ciencia e Technologia
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