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Postdoctoral Fellows

Postdoctoral Fellows Berlin

Lasse Hölck

Postdoctoral Fellow

Project: "Change or Continuity? The Temporal Implications of Growth and the Avoidance of Growth in Culturally Heterogeneous Latin America"


Carmen Ibáñez

Postdoctoral Fellow

Project: "Fragmented Future? Projections, Expectations and Imaginaries in the Popular Markets of the Andes"


Associated Postdoctoral Fellows Berlin

Marcela Suárez Estrada

Postdoctoral Fellow

Project: "Feminist Politics and the Fight Against Violence in the Era of Digitalization"


Postdoctoral Fellows Mexico

Rocío Camacho Rojas

Postdoctoral Fellow

Project: "Teaching Careers and the Building of Professional Identity in Contexts of Confinement”

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