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Paulina Segovia


International Research Training Group 'Temporalities of Future in Latin America'

Dynamics of Aspiration and Anticipation

Project: "The Transformation of Economic Thought and Institutions in Mexico During the 80’s"

Project: "The Transformation of Economic Thought and Institutions in Mexico during the 80’s"

The topic of my dissertation for the masters degree is the paradigm change of the economic system in Latin America during the 70’s and 80’s, focusing in the Mexican case.

One of the reasons that determined my choice is the arrival of the actual mexican government to power with a “left oriented” speech, thereby convincing an important amount of the population of the coming of a change of paradigm. This project aims at the suggestion that, by studying an inminent change like the one ocurred around the 80’s, some similar signs of change might be identifiable, which in turn may lead to identify if Mexico is truly in the edge of a real change or it is just a continuity hidden behind a new speech.

For most of Latin American countries a paradigm change was obvious by the end of the 70’s. By that time a whole transformation in the way of making economic policy began with the arrival of a group of politicians that were more “neoliberalism oriented” and left aside ideas of structuralism –dominant in the region a decade before. As a aspect of my investigation I will try to determine which group of politicans responsible for the change and trace their power relations.

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