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What are the differences between a participation certificate (“Teilnahmeschein”) and a certificate of achievement (“Leistungsschein”)?

In general, the required work for a certificate of achievement (“Leistungschein”) is more complex than the one for a participation certificate (“Teilnahmeschein”).

The latter is awarded with 3 ECTS for your general participation in the specific course, which usually means regular attendance, literature reading and a presentation, if required, as well as sometimes a review (for the specific requirements please contact your lecturer at the beginning of the course). This kind of certificate may NOT be graded.

Acertificate of achievement additionally requires the completion of an assignment (e.g. research paper or exam), which will be graded (specific information on the assignment will be given by the lecturer at the beginning of the course). You will be awarded with 7 ECTS for the total work. 

The number of ECTS will be filled in by the Erasmus office and NOT by the course instructor.