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Module A1: Methods and Theories of Representation and Entanglement

Competence aims:

  • identification of forms of cultural representation and their entanglement in and their relationship to Latin America
  • conveyance of essential theoretical and methodological approaches to historiography and/or cultural and social anthropology and/or the literatures and cultures of Latin America
  • epistemological foundations can be classified in a historically-oriented manner and can be reflected on critically
  • ability to develop an individual area of epistemic interest against the backdrop of current research debates, to formulate initial research queries from the perspective of historical science and/or literary studies and/or cultural anthropology, and to select and present adequate analytical perspectives

Learning content:

  • introduction to basic research approaches in history and/or social and cultural anthropology and/or literary studies with a special focus on representation and entanglement in and in relation to Latin America
  • conveyance of a selection of disciplinarily located theoretical and methodological foundations and insights into interdisciplinary perspectives
  • preparation for independent academic work by means of concrete exercises
  • acquirement of practice-oriented insights into specific epistemic interests and of approaches in the humanities and cultural studies