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Module A4: Social and Cultural Anthropology of Latin America

Competence aims:

  • conveyance of in-depth knowledge of the social and cultural anthropology of Latin America as well as approaches to local-global socio-cultural dynamics in their transregional and constantly changing dimensions
  • ability to formulate research queries that are relevant to the current debate in this field and to examine them by applying theoretical and methodological approaches to socio-cultural dynamics and media representations that relate to the pre-colonial or the colonial era and/or the present
  • ability to autonomously conduct an empirical research or theoretical paper inland or abroad via the conceptualization of a research project on a topic within the social and cultural anthropology of Latin America, a differentiated analysis and the presentation of initial results

Learning content:

  • conveyance of in-depth knowledge of selected theoretical debates and multimethodological approaches in a topic area in the social and cultural anthropology of Latin America
  • acquirement and application of ethno-historical, ethno-linguistic, ethnological and media-ethnological work techniques that are relevant for a chosen research question
  • ability to solve research questions with a view of global processes of transformation, transregional entanglements, local appropriations of culture and social structure as well as categories of power such as ethnicity, class and gender
  • Development of relevant research questions whose theoretical foundation (verb?) the selection of appropriate methods as well as the analysis, interpretative assessment, and presentation of initial results