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Module B1: Developmental Theories and Strategies

Competence aims:

  • ability to classify developmental theories and models on the basis of region specific knowledge
  • mastery of the methods of analysis of economic and political ideas as well as social science methods
  • ability to methodically and theoretically analyze questions pertaining to political development and theories of transformation
  • basic knowledge of economics and the social sciences which enables one to be able to assess the entanglements of global economic and socio-political processes as well as the various approaches of international (economic) policy

Learning content:

  • theories of transformation and development research from social science and economics whose (economic-)political implications as well as methodological and institutional implementations
  • analysis of national and international macroeconomic issues and their interaction with the political sphere on a national and regional level
  • investigation of macro and microeconomic approaches to the solution of developmental problems as well as their political and societal reference
  • analysis of international organizations (state and private), in particular economic and developmental institutions and their practices in a multilateral and respective national contexts
  • knowledge of instruments used to implement gender mainstreaming in national and international contexts