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Module B3: Latin America as a Laboratory of Modernity

Competence aims:

  • ability to comprehend modernity in its plurality and fragmentation
  • ability to examine the complex mechanisms of exclusion and inclusion of Latin American modernity with special consideration for relevant methodological and theoretical approaches
  • development of competence in management and decision-making

Learning content:

  • examination of various forms of modernity in their individual creations and fragmentations in Latin America in the past and in the present
  • comprehension of the structural heterogeneousness of Latin American economies (family, monetary and state economy; informal sector)
  • analysis of the mechanisms of exclusion and inclusion of Latin American modernity, such as violence, limited state or absent rule of law, gender and ethnic-based discrimination, social inequality, etc.
  • critical consideration of institutional approaches to the solutions (e.g. social policies, microfinance) to the problems of Latin American modernity