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Module C3: Brazil’s Representation und Entanglement

Competence aims:

  • knowledge of discussions in Brazil regarding literary or cultural studies and/or the humanities and anthropology
  • ability to discuss and analyze chosen topic areas in literature and/or history and/or anthropology and knowledge regarding the assessment of the state of research
  • ability to autonomously research bearing in mind current research debates and to develop individual epistemic interests, i.e. to develop queries regarding literary or cultural studies, and/or the humanities and anthropology in Brazil, to select adequate analytical perspectives, to develop an full-fledged argument and to explain and present the process and results of the completed research

Learning content:

  • conveyance of an exemplary overview of topical issues, of the characteristics of the current research discussion, of theoretical backgrounds and the various possible procedures for independently dealing with a complex topic with the help of selected historical and contemporary subject areas from the fields of literature and culture and/or history and/or the anthropology of Brazil
  • autonomous development and treatment of a particular query
  • implementation of a small research project while assessing the state of research on Brazil
  • mastery of presentation techniques as well as of the composition of academic texts