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Module C4: Brazil’s Transformation and Development

Competence aims:

  • ability to analyze the processes of political, social, economic and socio-economic transformation in their respective local and historical and global contexts with the help of the acquired theoretical approaches
  • knowledge of the organizations and processes of international crisis management and the theoretical-conceptual ideas behind them
  • ability to index, reappraise and assess data and information
  • expansion of methodological knowledge concerning the academic preparation of a self-chosen topic and the ability to comprehensively present the topic

Learning content:

  • acquirement of critical consideration for the local application of developmental-political and developmental-strategic approaches in Brazil
  • conveyance of the importance of international interventions as well as democratic-theoretical foundations
  • learn to examine the role of social movements and public spheres in the context of processes of democratization with special consideration for gender relations and cultural differences
  • critical examination of various theoretical concepts and forms of modernity in their respective versions and in their fragmentation in Latin America in the past and in the present