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Module D2: Gender Relations and Processes of Transformation

Competence aims:

  • ability to classify different approaches to transformation and development from a gender perspective
  • ability to analyze transnational subject matter and global phenomena in an interdisciplinary framework in connection with gender relations and processes of transformation
  • development of a critical perspective concerning terminology and phenomena
  • comprehension of complex processes of societal-cultural, economic and political transformation in Latin America from a theory-led gender perspective
  • ability to analyze processes of social and cultural transformation in connection with symbolic processes of discursive and notional construction from a gender perspective

Learning content:

  • acquirement of the basic terminology of research on transformation and development in connection with gender studies as well as the examination of this terminology
  • diachronic focus on the formation of the women’s movement and feminist and queer movements and their interventions in processes of political and societal transformation in Latin America
  • consideration of aspects of (sustainable) economic and ecological development and alternative postcolonial concepts of transformation and development
  • examination of transnational processes for their gender dimension

critical analysis of the connections between regional and local developmental policies and the growing feminization of poverty and migration