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Academic Practice II

Competence aims:

  • ability to conduct an academic project with a regional focus (inter alia, autonomous research work, autonomous field research) and knowledge of theoretical reflection as well as necessary the methodological competences
  • ability to assess one’s own knowledge and the application thereof in research projects and in the justification of a research proposal
  • ability to critically reflect upon one’s one knowledge and to independently acquire necessary competences in order to conduct a research project

Learning content:

  • participation in the lectures belonging to the area Additional Competences in order to foster the capability to conduct academic work on a research question, in agreement with the supervising lecturer, in order to expand competences relating to a research project
  • constant supervision and communication via e-learning platforms
  • definition of the objectives of the study as well as the presentation and review of intermediate and final data
  • documentation of competence development and the consolidation of theoretical and methodological knowledge as well as regional academic expertise in view of the research project.