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Brazilian Portuguese for Students with advanced Iberian Romance linguistic competence

Competence aims:

  • Mastery of the four basic skills (reading, listening, speaking, writing) in Brazilian Portuguese at the level B1.1 GER
  • 1. Reading: The student can understand newspaper texts about current topics or topics relevant to the countries of the target language with the aid of dictionaries and data bases and can read uncomplicated specialist texts on the topics of her or his subject area and area of interest. She or he can deduce the meaning of individual unfamiliar words from the context.
  • 2. Reading: The student can understand enough in order to manage everyday situations provided that the language is spoken slowly and clearly. In academic communication she or he can understand the most important facts from a simple presentation on a familiar topic if this is supported by visual aids and gestures.
  • 3. Speaking: The student is able to report on a familiar topic with simple linguistic means and to tell his or her opinion on the subject. She or he can report the main statements from texts read to others and can answer questions on them if she or he is able to refer to notes while doing so.
  • 4. Writing: The student is able, with simple means, to describe everyday situations, report on a familiar topic or an experience, and write personal letters. Furthermore, she or he can compose a short personal commentary on a piece of news. While doing so, she or he should use key words and expressions from the text read.
  • 5. Strategies: The student can apply complex strategies of cooperation. She or he can deduce the meaning of unfamiliar words from the context via the analysis of the elements of word building and by applying knowledge of other foreign languages. She or he can identify culturally formed elements of communication and make intercultural comparisons. She or he expands capabilities of self-correction in her or his texts.

Learning contents:      

  • learning elements of basic vocabulary, basic grammar, oral fluency as well as listening comprehension in order to carry out basic communicative functions
  • working with various kinds of texts in Brazilian Portuguese
  • reading newspaper and magazine articles, notices, announcements, standard letters, stories of varying length and simple specialist texts
  • listening to everyday conversations, short stories and simple academic presentations
  • participating orally in everyday conversations and discussions about familiar topics
  • learning to make and answer requests, curricula vitae, relate experiences, stories, reports and summaries, and to compose letters and emails