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3rd Call for Student Applications UMM Scholarship Program 2014

News vom 06.10.2014

Bachelor and Master Student Scholarships for Research or Internship in Developing Countries

3rd Call for Applications 2014

We invite Bachelor and Master Students enrolled at universities in the European Union who plan to conduct field research or an internship on the topic of financial inclusion to participate in the "University Meets Microfinance" (UMM) Scholarships Program.

The field mission can be either:

1. a field research in a developing country in the frame of a Bachelor/Master thesis,


2. an internship with an organization in a developing country or with an organization in a developed country if a field mission is planned.

The deadline is: November 2nd, 2014, at 23:59 GMT +1.

Click here to learn more and apply!

Please send your complete application to umm@planetfinance.org.

Contact umm@planetfinance.org for any questions related to the application process.

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