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Last Call for UMM Applications

News vom 22.06.2015

Dear UMM Friends,

we would like to remind you about the upcoming deadlines focusing on all areas of financial inclusion.  
- June 30th 2015:
 UMM Awards application
At the same time we are glad to inform you about the new Field Research and Exposure Program (FREP) opportunities:  
- New FREP opportunities: ongoing process



Master & PhD students are invited to apply for the UMM awards program we also invite graduate Master or PhD students who wants to have an experience in the field with a microfinance organization to see our opportunities and apply

Call for UMM Awards
Master's theses & PhD Articles

Deadline June 30th


We invite Master's students who have completed their final thesis and PhD students who have written an article on a financial inclusion-related topic to submit applications for the "University Meets Microfinance" (UMM) Awards Program.

Find out more about how to submit Awards applications here by June 30, 2015

New Field Research and Exposure Program (FREP) opportunities

On a rolling basis

We also invite Graduate Students to apply for field research opportunities with a microfinance organization. The aim of FREP is to match graduate student research projects with practitioners' needs to investigate operational issues in developing countries. Selected students will receive:

  1. Scholarship of up to 1500€ to cover field research costs (e.g. travel and accommodation)
  2. Supervision from a referent person within the hosting organisation and access to data related to the proposed research
  3. Working space in the field office of the hosting organisation

Currently open FREP opportunities

Eligibility conditions
Being enrolled in a European University

Find out more about how to apply here 

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