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Launch of a new version of the Global Financial Safety Tracker

News vom 18.01.2024

We are thrilled to announce the official launch of the new and improved version of the Global Financial Safety Tracker (GFSN Tracker), developed by the Latin America Institute at Freie Universität Berlin in collaboration with the Boston University GDP Center and the UN Conference on Trade and Development.

The GFSN Tracker provides real-time insights into the lending capacity and current use of the GFSN. Offering a user-friendly and interactive interface, it allows users to explore specific countries, regions, liquidity arrangements, and crisis financing details.

We invite you to explore and watch the launch webinar for a deeper understanding of the GFSN landscape and its implications for global financial stability. The GFSN Tracker sheds light on the under-resourced nature of the GFSN and its unequal access, offering valuable insights for policymakers, researchers, and stakeholders in the field of global finance.

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