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Ehemalige Postdocs

"Networks, Operations and Impacts of Corporate Elites in Latin America"
"Fiscal and Tax policy, Federalism & Decentralization, Subnational Politics, Structural Heterogeneity, Development, and Inequality in Latin America"
Making a Secure Future: Prevention, Punishment, and the Temporalities of Security in Latin AmericaE-Mail:markus.hochmueller@fu-berlin.de
"The Role of Social Programs in the Socioeconomic Integration of Immigrants. A Comparative Study of Latino Immigrants in France, Spain, and the United States."
Politische Ordnungsprozesse der Biodiversität in Kolumbien – Die Fälle Bogotá und Barranquilla
"Chinesisch-peruanische Gemeinschaften in Lima, Peru"
“Vom Heilsbringer zum Teufelswerk. Wie lässt sich Politikwandel zur Nachhaltigkeit gestalten? Das Beispiel der Biokraftstoffe in Deutschland und Brasilien.“
"A Qualitative Analysis of Economic Poverty Dynamics and Related Mitigation Strategies. The Complex Case of Contemporary Brazil"
"Feminist politics and the fight against violence in the era of digitalization"
"Way out of Violence. Globalization, politics of international solidarity and human rights culture (Mexico, Guatemala and Colombia)"
"Strong atheisms, secular pastorships or civic catechisms? Religious and political thought in Mexico’s young political elites"