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Current Doctoral Projects

Supervised by Prof. Dr. Stephanie Schütze

Mariana Almaraz Reyes

Promotionsprojekt: "Counter-archives of the future. Re-readings and re-activations of pre-Columbian pictographic archives 'by and from' the Zapotec community of Teotitlán del Valle, Oaxaca"

Altamerikanistik/Kultur- und Sozialanthropologie

Alberto Isai Baltazar Cruz

PhD Project: "Looking for Better Lives. Contested Desires, Hopes, and Futures in the Postglobal Undocumented Migration Borderscapes"

Cultural and Social Anthropology

Franziska Barth

PhD Project: "Heimat(T)raum. Return to San Juan Texhuacan, Mexico"

Cultural and Social Anthropology

Wendy Bazán Landeros

Promotionsprojekt: "Aspirations and future projections on rural development in Mexico. Rural Mayan and Mennonite youth facing the government proposal to eliminate glyphosate and GMOs in the context of the first 'leftist' government in Mexico"

Sara Bellezza

PhD Project: "Forms of (legal) activism against the criminalization of migration. A case study of agency and resistance around deportation practices between the US and Guatemala"

Cultural and Social Anthropology

Pia Berghoff

PhD Project: "Temporalities of Transit. Perspectives of Central American Families on the Temporal Discrepancies in Transit through Mexico"

Cultural and Social Anthropology

Paula Sol Hernández Hirsch

PhD Project: "From the market to the bin: "A comparative study of domestic processes of food-preservation and waste in Germany and Chile"

Cultural and Social Anthropology

Eva Kirmes

Promotionsprojekt: "Aspirations for socio-ecological transformation – Indigenous women’s collective action for food sovereignty and anticipation of climate change"

Altamerikanistik/Kultur- und Sozialanthropologie

Mauricio Lara Martínez

PhD Project: "Homelessness, gender and agency"

Cultural and Social Anthropology

Rubens Mascarenhas Neto

PhD Project: "Transnational cabarets: transposing borders of gender, sex, art and nation"

Cultural and Social Anthropology

Alexys Montserrat Yong Solis

PhD Project: "The Acquisition of Social, Cultural and Economic Capitals of Children with Migration Background, an Ethnographic Study"

Cultural and Social Anthropology

Supervised by Prof. Dr. Ingrid Kummels

Karlotta Jule Bahnsen

PhD Project: "Bolivianische Textilarbeiterinnen in Buenos Aires. Aushandlungsprozesse um Mobilität und (Un)Gleichheit im transnationalen Raum der Mode"

Cultural and Social Anthropology

Supervised by Prof. Dr. Michael Dürr

Lena Sell

PhD Project: "Contact and Exchange of Ethnobotanical Knowledge in the Bolivian Lowlands"

Cultural and Social Anthropology

Lena Weißmann

PhD Project: "El Promptuario del idioma Mixteco de Miguel de Villavicencio (1882 [1755]). Edición y estudio etnolinguístico de un manuscrito colonial sobre la lengua mixteca."

Cultural and Social Anthropology