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PhD Students

Araceli Sulemi Bermúdez Callejas

PhD Candidate

Project: "Theatrical resources as narratives strategies in La morada en el tiempo by Esther Seligson and Los puentes de Königsberg by David Toscana"

sulemi 2

Carlos Inclán Fuentes

PhD Candidate

Project: "Red Tide: surveillance and containment of communist exile in Mexico, 1937-1956"

Foto Ricardo

Brenda Margarita Macías Sánchez

PhD Candidate

Project: "Prison theater space: platforms of mobilization of inmate-actors to retort to punitive power within the context of globalization, through Shakespeare’s King Richard III tragedy"

Brenda Macías_foto

Paty Aidé Montiel Martínez

PhD Candidate

Project: “The socio political dimension in the construction of a generational system and knowledge transfer for electronic industry in Jalisco: A collective effort of institutional and social learning?"

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