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Course Offerings


Regular colloquia will ensure the ongoing supervisions of fellowship and scholarship holders. Participation in the colloquia is mandatory for PhD students and post-doctoral fellows. The Coloquio Inter-Institucional takes place each semester at our Mexican location and treats themes relevant to the research interests of the IRTG.

Supervision of individual work in the colloquia is a central element of our concept of qualification. The colloquia will bring together disciplinary specialisations with interdisciplinary research approaches, present the progress made in dissertation projects and discuss research questions and results. They will develop an interdisciplinary level of communication amongst members of the Group on the basis of individual dissertation projects.


Lecture Series

In the lecture series, scholars will present their research and show its points of contact with the IRTG’s interdisciplinary research program on the basis of the approaches of their respective disciplines. Using the leitmotif of Between Spaces – Entre Espacios, they will portray the range of thematic, theoretical and methodological approaches and so deepen the research program and contribute to its discussions. The themes of the lecture series are oriented to individual fields of research and illustrate their interfaces with the perspectives in the social sciences and humanities represented by the IRTG.


Opening Conference

The inaugural conference Globalización Entre Espacios will take place at the end of the first semester. At the conference all members of the IRTG will discuss its research program’s contribution to the current globalisation debate with an international scholarly public. Thus, from its first semester on, the IRTG will network with the international scholarly community and engage in dialogue with an interested public.


Methods Workshops

The methods workshops will be held as blocks and will be organised by fellowship and scholarship holders in cooperation with their supervisors. Together with the invited speakers, small groups will deepen their knowledge of specific methods and discuss their application to individual research questions in individual dissertation projects.


Research Seminar

The research seminar will discuss the IRTG’s thematic focuses; in particular, new theoretical and methodological approaches in Area Studies and globalisation research and the key concepts of ‘space’ and ‘movement’ will be illuminated from perspectives in the social sciences and humanities.


Summer School

The Summer School will take place in Berlin in the fourth semester. During the Summer School, all fellowship and scholarship holders will present the progress of their research in a short contribution. One goal of the Summer School is to develop further the research program through intensive common discussions amongst the various fields of knowledge represented at the IRTG. The integration of visiting scholars in the Summer School is intended to ensure ties to international research.



Another core element of the study program is a mobility period of from six to a maximum of twelve months, during which the fellowship and scholarship holders carry on research at other locations. We recommend a stay abroad for the time between the second and the fourth semester. Duration and timing depend on the individual research projects and should be coordinated with the supervisors.

As one of the means of attaining qualification, the mobility phase contributes to enhancing specialist, interdisciplinary and intercultural skills. It also offers opportunities for establishing international contacts and developing further cooperation and academic networks.


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