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Image credit: Deborah Ferreira_Bolivia_2010

Image credit: Deborah Ferreira_Bolivia_2010

Going abroad has a major and ever-growing significance during the course of academic studies, not only in terms of improving your language competence or gaining insight into universities, their discussions, and other specific subject matters but also to engage in a transcultural dialogue and to get to know and discuss diverse means of knowledge production.

LAI students are offered the opportunity to spend a semester abroad via direct exchange program (Direktaustausch) as well as via internal LAI Convenios. (Outgoing)

Simultaneously, these agreements offer an opportunity for foreign students to spend a semester at the Institute for Latin American Studies (LAI). (Incoming)

A tabular register of cooperating partners is available under this link.

A list of European universities you can spend your semester abroad at as a LAI student can be found under this link.

Important remark: All students who want to spend a semester or a year abroad at a university that is a cooperating partner of the the Freie Universität Berlin as well as of the Lateinamerika-Institut, have to apply via direct exchange program (Direktaustausch). Further information is available here.

Important: The “international” form must be filled out and sent in electronically to international@fu-berlin.de by B.A. and M.A. students of the Institute for Latin American Studies (LAI outgoings) and by foreign university students (incomers) before departure.

Form for incoming and outgoing students