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Alternatively: Semester abroad in the 3rd semester (recognition of 30 LP)

Students are recommended to study abroad. Within the framework of the semester abroad, students should complete a total of 30 LP, which can be credited to the master's program.

The study abroad should be preceded by the conclusion of an agreement between the students, the chairperson of the examination board and/or, by proxy, the study program coordination as well as the responsible office at the target university regarding the duration of the study abroad, the achievements to be made within the scope of the study abroad, which must be equivalent in terms of the scope of the achievements in the Master's program, as well as the credit points assigned to the achievements. The agreement shall be recorded in writing. Services rendered according to the agreement will be recognized (recognition for project module, scientific practice and field project, i.e. a total of 30 LP in the 3rd semester).

Submission Learning Agreement, which must be signed and submitted in addition to the advising protocol (Beratungsprotokoll) before the start of the semester abroad.

The Institute for Latin American Studies supports students in planning and preparing for a study period at an academic institution abroad. It is recommended that the study abroad program be completed during the third semester of the program. Options: