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How much is the workload?

The program is designed as a full-time study program. It is possible to apply for part-time study.

In total, the program consists of 120 credits (LP) within 4 semesters or 2 years (standard period of study).

1 LP corresponds to a workload of 30 working hours, i.e. 1 module with 10 LP corresponds to 300 working hours, which include preparation, course attendance time and follow-up, as well as self-study, activities such as on learning platforms and preparation time for the module exam.

On average, 30 LP are acquired in 1 semester. The LPs are not awarded until the module is completed, which includes the forms of active and regular participation and the module exam.

The average attendance study time is 12 semester-week-hours (SWS) or approx. 6 courses.